Travel in style with the Ruling Class!

How to travel in style with the (self-styled) one percent
--"two blonde shiksas at the table, and the M&Ms properly chilled"

The New Year always brings a spate of travel articles.  Few offer the particular combination of nausea and [eyeroll] that this one does.  It's sort of like looking at a car wreck, except that (thanks to decades of mass-media indoctrination) the masses actually aspire to this one.

It's hard to tell how serious this site is, alternately fawning over and deriding one Justin Ross Lee, who will probably sue us for mentioning his name


"Woohoo!  Here's how we party during troubled times!"

I had (mercifully) never heard of this 'personality' before, but I must admit he is particularly slimy.  Even looks slimy.  What's not to like?
He actually calls his mode of travel "jew-jetting"
His motto? "Never Apologize"

Ross complains about having to push this button repeatedly to get the service he deserves.  Which reminds me of an old chestnut...back in the day, I knew some TWA employees who said that the absolute lowest people on the company totem pole were forced to work the New York to Florida routes.  Two tidbits: the F.A. would stand at the front of the cabin and ask "okay, who does not get the kosher meal?" ...also, throughout the flights, all of the F.A. call buttons would be lit, right up and down the cabin.  Sounds like fun huh?

I'm sure the captain (ready for retirement) is delighted to know the calibre of first-class clientele he has on board.  Doubtless he made his peace with this factor a long time ago.  One of several reasons I prefer business class.

Ya gotta love that as the Ruling Class feels its cultural grip on the USA to be complete, it begins to show its true colors.  Excesses such as these will become even more commonplace, and even start achieving notice in the MSM. 
Then they can complain about "anti-semitism" and "they only hate us because we're jewish!"

  Nothing matters but the Tribe.  Nothing.

What say you?

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