All your hard disk are belong to us

As the last bits of Freedom fade from sight, are your legislators and media
combating the evisceration of Constitutional protections by activist judges?

U.S. District Judge Edward R. Korman, Reagan appointee (and the son of Jewish immigrants from Ukraine and Poland), has dismissed claims opposing the Government's warrantless search-and-copy seizures of any and all computer data by Customs Officers.

Korman, a judge in the Eastern District of New York, said that the policy permits searches with or without suspicion, upon citizen and foreigner alike, and cited case law that held that “searches at our borders without probable cause and without a warrant are nonetheless ‘reasonable.’”

One of the plaintiffs, university student Pascal Abidor, had his laptop inspected and taken by Customs and Border Protection officers while he was on an Amtrak train from Montreal to New York in May 2010. It was returned 11 days later. "Abidor could prove no injury from the laptop’s confiscation" and in any case, Korman said, the officers had reasonable suspicion to inspect it.

So... the NSA already has access (and provides directly to Israel) all the data transmitted by Americans over the internet or phone lines--there's something left on peoples' hard drives?

(See also Leon v. Pauley, --it's thanks only to Edward Snowden that we're even able to entertain the disagreement in the first place.  Alas, the Supreme Court will have to rule before it's over.)

What say you?

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