"Police said it might have been a robbery"
Presstitute-speak for "black on white murder"

Until and unless you begin reading between the lines, you'll never learn a single accurate thing from the American MSM.  The same MSM which used to crow about how Soviet citizens had to read between the lines in Pravda to figure out the truth over there.

An apparently random murder--at one in the afternoon--of a white male on board a Washington Metro (subway) train and "
Police have said the stabbing might have occurred during a robbery."

Now, what can we really learn from this article?  First, the disclaimer quoted above is always stated whenever a white person is killed by a dindu.  Second, the Post says absolutely nothing about the identity of the assailant, despite the crime having been witnessed by at least ten people.  Third, the Post is not allowing comments on the article. 

Three strikes and you're out!
Diversity in Action.

We should note that the Post did helpfully include a photo of the Metro station's exterior:


The little details are always fun.  The hard-working Evil White Male in the middle of the photo is receiving an unmistakable  rostro de la muerte from an 'undocumented vibrant' and the leisure-class EWM on the right is probably walking into his next mugging. I can't wait until these people are gone, right?

Update: The Post was finally forced to come clean

What say you?

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