Don't raise your hand!
(even if you think you know the answer)


Does this look like a Nazi salute?  It is now.

Since they have nothing better to do--really--the Ruling Class has now identified this gesture as translating to an "up yours" signal directed toward members of the Tribe.  Anyone who partakes (even teenagers) must be driven out of polite society, lose their job, banned for life, what have you.

Here's Bloomberg on the topic:
In November 2012, some West Ham United fans were arrested and banned by the club for participating in crowdwide taunting of the Tottenham Spurs, a team with strong associations to the Jewish community.

You see, the Chosen People and Their Favorite Teams are supposed to be exempt from taunting at sports events, unlike everyone else on Earth.

"Alain Finkielkraut, the philosopher and memoirist of Jewish identity" says that the gesture symbolizes objection to Israeli racism and apartheid against the Palestinians, which we know doesn't exist and is impossible anyway since "there's no such place as Palestine."

What say you?

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