The Inevitable Legacy of Open Borders
A Cautionary Tale of Cognitive Decline

Friendly Latinos!

As we all know, the Evil Nazis lost World War II and ever since have represented everything wrong in the world, in history, and in those whose opinions we don't like for whatever reason.  One prominent Nazi policy much abhorred in today's world represented their belief in the improvement, if not the perfectibility, of humanity.  The Nazis preferred attractive and intelligent humans to their opposite.  It's because of this belief that they mounted campaigns to deport and, in extreme cases, even sterilize undesirables such as the functionally retarded.  Eugenics we call it.  A very bad thing.

So bad, in fact, that we now enforce a worldwide policy precisely opposite to eugenics.  The goal now is to manufacture the largest-possible number of the lowest-quality humans.  And we've been very successful at it.

Why would we do this?  Why would we even allow it?

These are good questions, if I do say so myself, and I believe that the answer is related to the desire among our 'elite' class to reduce Caucasian populations to minorities in all western nations.  Hence, everywhere on Earth.

And I believe the reason for that is very much related back to the Nazis.  For among other things, the Nazis were beset by war with the Hebrews as far back as 1932-33 (see Daily Express front page); which is to say, essentially from the moment they assumed power.

The National Socialist leaders were adamant about addressing the various expressions of tribal privilege and preference enforced by the Hebrews in business, education, and the professions; and about resisting their economic and cultural hegemony—which had resulted in extreme stratification of wealth, repeated financial crises, an extremely biased press, and—particularly galling to some of the more conservative national socialists—notably amoral public entertainment.

These leaders were able to mount an effective resistance to the Hebraic power structure in their country due to one solitary fact: a critical mass in the form of 'ethnic solidarity' of their own— the volkish values which they assigned to all good Germans. And there was enough obvious commonality in interest as well as culture among their own people that they could, effectively, counter the tribalism of the Hebrews with tribalism of their own, which they then productively conflated with nationalism. The combination was successful, except for the inconvenient fact that American policy was also under the sway of the Hebrews.

What has all of this to do with the flood of immigrants now invading white and previously-white countries?  (And only white and previously-white countries, it should be noted?)  Simply this: it's been the de facto policy of our tribal elite to ensure that 'never again' will any other ethnic group gain a majority large enough to challenge it in any realm, whether political, social, or economic.

The most effective way to accomplish this is by the wholesale importation of the most destructive elements of the third-world, in addition to using the power of the media to stoke tensions between existing groups (whites and black, for example) to a white-hot frenzy.  The result will be familiar to anyone who recognizes a "divide-and-conquer" strategy.  All of the other ethnic groups will be forever at one another's throats, leaving the Ruling Tribe secure in its penthouses, gated communities, Park Avenue co-operatives, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and Hamptons estates, and so on.

As the following chart indicates, as immigrants reach a critical mass, their desire for more of their brethren as company in the USA will manifest as political will.  This is why the door is now closing upon any chance to control immigration in the future—and that's if those opposed to uncontrolled immigration even had a voice upon the national stage.  Which they don't.   

As the following chart indicates, the desire of Africans to emigrate outpaces even those in places like Asia and Latin America, which have themselves already supplied tens of millions of immigrants to the USA.  However, it's the opinion of this writer that we're better off helping Africans (and others) survive and prosper in their own lands than assisting the 'brain drain' which removes many of their most capable and ambitious young people from their societies.  Any responsible approach would have to consider birth control. 

And the cost is skyrocketing.


Street in Kinshasa.  If you lived in a place like this, you'd probably join the flood

And consider Africa's population

Africa's population to double to 2.4 billion by 2050
Africa’s population will more than double to 2.4 billion within 40 years, according to a major study, thanks in large part to better health care.

The story at that link contains the following compelling comment:

Africa: "Please Leave Us Alone"

 noefleury • a year ago

I read many comments arguing that aid should be stopped.

As an African, many Africans agree with me too, I wish you'd vote to stop sending aid food, development aid firms and all other kind of help.

Mostly, we africans don't see the money. The money goes to western firms and huge coporations. What we see are western firms, food, technology, other materials, infrastructure built by western firms ... AND BIG WESTERN CONDITIONS/CONSTRAINTS for the money we never got.

Your free or cheap food have destroyed our agriculture economy. (e.g. Who would buy from african farms when one can have for 1/2 the price a heavily subsidise european milk, chicken, ...). This is one of a few big reasons african agriculture can't develop more than a mere subsistence agriculture. (and for some export agriculture)

Your secound hand clothes have destroyed our textile industry
(many of you give away clothes for charity who send them overseas to help. Now instead of buying local, africans buy dirt cheap second hand clothes).

Your highly developed firms and corporations have slaughtered our at their infancy stage. (This has been a violent abortion!)

Your missionaries destroy our culture and way of life

Your politicians seduce you to intervene in Africa. Mostly for their own interests but pretending, today, to save africa. (yesterday it was to explore, then to trade, then to christianize, then to civilize).

If you stop would just stop what you're doing then our firms would have a fighting chance to meet local demands, thus hire people for the work, thus less people would be willing to leave abroad, thus a happier western world and a happier africa.

I do know that all your actions have started with great intentions but those actions have crippled us.

So please vote to leave us alone, I beg you. Tell your politicians to stop helping africa. Please

Need to read more on this?
- "Dead Aid" by Dambisa Moyo is a good start. But there are many more on this subject that I don't have in mind at the moment.

And a relevant Disqus post from yours truly...


Africa today has roughly 1.2 billion inhabitants. Clearly more than the carrying capacity of the continent, which is suffering endless environmental depredations to go along with its hideous human catastrophe.

But there's more ...According to UN estimates, Africa will have FOUR BILLION by the end of the century. That's as many as the entire planet held as recently as 1975. That's insanity, and that's the 800-lb gorilla no one wishes to talk about.

Permitting a few million more to immigrate to Europe will merely facilitate their speedy replacement in Africa. Until and unless that continent's out-of-control birthrate is addressed, all we'll be doing is trashing our own continents as well. We've already started.

Now, the impetus for this post? A narrative whimsy, supported by some serious math:


The upshot of which is that America (and all Western nations) has effectively signed its own death warrant.  Both by permitting large-scale immigration of the world's least intelligent and productive people and by signing over control of their domestic policies to those whose crowning achievement, in the long run, is the destruction of these same societies and, ultimately, the Peoples who built them.

What say you?

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