FBI Director: All Agents Must Visit Holocaust Museum

  Fealty is the word.  Agents up to and including the Director himself must display fealty.  

Nearly 80 Million People were killed in World War II, at least 55 million of them civilians, but we only pay attention to the 6 million (if you believe them) who were God's Chosen People.  Never mind that this event, however accurate, had nothing to do with America--didn't happen to Americans, wasn't done by Americans, didn't happen in America.  Never mind that even by holocaust partisans' own reckoning, a similar number of 'non-chosen' people were killed at the same time.  Only the Chosen People matter. 

The director speaks:

"I believe that the Holocaust is the most significant event in human history."

And he goes on to remind us how we must be forever vigilant in the face of unimaginable evil, invoking "Ground Zero" in NYC as another example.  Over 2500 people were killed there!  Never mind the thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East by Americans, Israelis, and our proxies.  Those people are Arabs so they don't count.  Just like the tens of millions of non-chosen killed in World War II.

Such is moral relativism in today's America.

Why I require FBI agents to visit the Holocaust Museum

We've just now been blessed with a Museum of the American Indian, many years after the Holocaust Museum was consecrated (and additional holocaust museums have been built in nearly every American city as well), and our cheerful schvartzes are still awaiting their Museum of the Middle Passage. Details Details.

What say you?

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