The 1950-51 Princeton Football Squad

For no compelling reason, except perhaps to document the nation we once had, and which according to our media overlords is best left forgotten or at least ridiculed at every opportunity, here is the roster of the undefeated 1950-51 Princeton Football Squad under Coach Charlie Caldwell '25 and Captain Ralph Willis '52.

Dick Kazmaier, winner of the 1951 Heisman Trophy.  Kazmaier remains the last-ever Heisman winner to decline pro-football offers and continue on with his education and career (in his case, Harvard MBA and finance, respectively).

In their last four games of the 1951 season, only one team even scored against them.

Needless to say though, being Princeton men, they didn't just play football.

Richard Pivirotto

Ned Jannotta

Richard William Kazmaier, Jr.

John Francis McGillicuddy

James Addison Baker III

Frank Carlucci

And needless to say, there was more to campus life than football.

Here, a physics demonstration:

All-Ivy Clipper Craft Library Lecture

And here, from a previous generation, Princeton Reserve Officers Training Corps
in a readiness exercise just before World War I:

So what's college life in America nowadays?
Well, needless to say it's been democratized.

Here's the Dining Hall at "Alabama State University"


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