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What's wrong with Scott Walker?!

Someone please tell me.   I've been aware of Scott Walker since his contretemps with the public unions of Wisconsin.  But now he's being spoken of as a candidate for president, and the worst the NYT can come up with is a couple old politically-incorrect emails among his staff, and the fact that Walker dropped out of college a couple decades ago. 

Is that all they got?!  Really?

Meanwhile the Washington Post published three hit pieces on Walker in a single day.
That can only mean they feel threatened, which can only be a good thing.

Why?  Because he didn't attack Rudy Giuliani they way they think he should have.

"itís necessary for public officials to disown such beyond-the-pale rhetoric."
Mr. Walker chose not to lift himself out of the Giuliani sewer"
Oh...and...in case you forgot..."He didn't finish college!"

I personally don't like that he attends an evangelical church, since I am personally not a fan of evangelicals, but it's a non-denominational Christian church which is something I personally like very much, so that's a wash at worst. 

More serious is the fact that Walker joined the procession of Republicans to kiss the ring of casino mogul and tribalist warmonger Sheldon Adelson, with the prospect that he'll be doing Adelson's bidding if elected.  But it's hard to remember the last president who didn't do the bidding of the Ruling Class. (See Update below)

Meanwhile, he's an advocate of smaller government (better late than never) and pushes back against organized-labor syndicates. 

Maybe Scott Walker is as craven and crappy as most Dem/Rep candidates.  But I haven't seen it so far.  Just have to hope that if nominated, he doesn't choose a running mate like Sarah Palin.

The Times ends with a reference to "
Mr. Walkerís law that all but ended collective bargaining for public sector workers here."  Well, that's something we could use nationwide.  It would transform this country at a stroke.

 And transforming is what this country needs. 

So tell me below, please.  What am I missing?

Update!  Never mind, Scott Walker told us himself.

Speaking to a crowd of Wealthy Jewish Donors in Palm Beach, Walker promised to scuttle any nuclear deal with Iran (designed to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons).  Like a  good Republican, not to mention a good neo-con, Walker promised that WAR would always be the first resort with any country Israel doesn't like. 




He didn't mention that Israel hates nearly every country on Earth, and every country on Earth hates Israel.  Devil's in the Details as they say.

What say you?

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