'Torture Porn' and its Discontents

In the proud tradition of countless Holocaust films (as well as countless slave stories),
12 Years
"merely makes it possible for some viewers to feel good about feeling bad."

 "Nothing in The Exorcist was more flagrantly sadistic."

"12 Years a Slave is ultimate proof that Hollywood’s respect for Black humanity is in absurd, patronizing, Oscar-winning decline."

What's the cultural upshot of "torture porn" like this, and a thousand Holocaust movies?
Simple: Jews and Blacks have unlimited justification for any and all assaults upon white people--whether these assaults be physical, legal, financial, what have you.  Look at how we suffered!  Whatever we do to you is justified!

Never mind that these stories are 'fictionalized'...never mind that these stories purport to have happened to others, at the hands of still others, in the distant past.  Their cultural utility remains intact and ever more effective.

There's a war on, but only one side is fighting.

Quotes in this article are taken from the review of 12 Years by
Armond White in New York City Arts.
Mr White is now subject of a campaign to have him
thrown out of the NY Critics Circle.

Don't believe everything you read...

What say you?

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