"New prospects in 2014 for Immigration Reform"

That's Presstitute-Speak for "Amnesty for Lawbreakers"

"His agenda tattered by last year's confrontations and missteps, President Barack Obama begins 2014 clinging to the hope of winning a lasting legislative achievement: an overhaul of immigration laws."

In recent weeks, both Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, have sent signals that raised expectations among overhaul supporters that 2014 could still yield the first comprehensive change in immigration laws in nearly three decades. If successful, it would fulfill an Obama promise many Latinos say is long overdue.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., a leading congressional advocate for overhauling U.S. immigration law, said: "Right now we have to stop the deportations that are breaking up families. And if we do not get citizenship this year, we will be back next year and the year after that."

Again with the "breaking up families" BS. Kids can accompany their parents, and parents can accompany their kids--BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.
Not a single family has to be broken up. EVER.
The only way families are 'broken up' is when people insist on breaking the LAW.

"Obama has repeatedly argued that final immigration legislation must include citizenship for immigrants living in the United States illegally..

"Is the sticking point going to be we have to have immediate voting privileges for those who came here illegally?," Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a Republican who voted against the Senate immigration bill, said Sunday on ABC. "If the Democrats are willing to come halfway, I think we can pass something, some meaningful reform that would help the 11 million who are here (illegally)."

Notice something?  Neither the 'Republicrats' or 'Demopublicans' are considering the interests of Americans--only of illegal immigrants.

It's just like the mortgage bailouts: the more greedy and dishonest you are, the more the government will help you out.

If you play by the rules, you get screwed.
That's the mantra of United States, circa 2014.

What say you?

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